Bike & Helmet Safety

"My parents don't wear one..."  "My parents don't make me..."

Who says kids don't pay attention to their parents these days?

Did you know that more than half of all kids hospitalized for bike-related injuries suffer traumatic brain injury - the leading cause of death and disability in children? A fall from as little as two feet can seriously damage the brain. But wearing a properly fitted helmet during biking, skateboarding, skating or riding a scooter can prevent up to 85 percent of head injuries.

It's up to parents to make helmets a rule - one that should be followed regardless of where your child is riding, whether it's around the neighborhood, in the park or just down the driveway.

And remember, kids learn best by example, so make sure you're wearing a helmet every time you're on a bike as well.

Also, when you're going over bike safety with your child, keep in mind that kids are not little adults. They have different limitations in traffic that as grown-ups we may not even think about. For example, did you know that children have a much narrower field of vision (about a third less than adults) and that they have a harder time gauging speed, distance and sound? Young cyclists also tend to wrongly assume that if they can see a car, the driver can see them.

Protect your kids from bike accidents and serious injury by teaching them good traffic safety habits, and supervise their riding until you're confident that they are properly cautious and safe riding on their own.

While summer is a fun time to do outdoor activities together as a family, it's also a time of increased risks. More kids are admitted to emergency rooms between May and August than at any other time of the year.

So make safety your number-one priority, and let Mission Children's Hospital help by revisiting this site each week for new Kid Care health and safety information.

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